Brand at the core of business

Mystery has designed the award-winning Giraffe Restaurants branding since it’s first site in Hampstead in 1998 and worked with the founders to evolve the brand for 14 years.

It’s all about taking a fresh view of the world, exploring food from around the globe and opening your ears to world music - guaranteed to make you feel good!

In our role as brand guardians we worked closely with founders Russel and Juliette Joffe to develop a wide range of creative work, from interior graphics to print consumables and digital assets.

I am delighted with the work that Mystery has produced and I am happy to say that many of our customers seem to love the designs too. Long live the tall animal and Mystery!

Russel Joffe, Founder Giraffe restaurants

As the brand evolved we helped manage its brand segmentation which has seen Giraffe Restaurants diversify with a range of extensions – from smaller site concept, Giraffe Café, to station-friendly QSR, Giraffe Stop.

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