G'nosh Gourmet Dips

Defining 'modern eating'

This is something that we definitely can't keep to ourselves - that's because G'nosh Gourmet Dips just beg to be shared.

Commissioned by Kiwi entrepreneur and foodie, Charlotte Knight, our job was to disrupt the endless shelves of hummus and 70’s party-packs with a brand that reflected the pioneering nature of the product.

Following naming and full brand strategy development, we felt inspired by the hand-painted lettering of revolutionary campaign placards to crack open our paints to design a premium brand combining custom-painted type with beautiful food ingredient photography.

Mystery then had fun designing everything from the packaging to the website, sales presentations, e-marketing, social media pages and launch marketing collateral.

Following a launch in Selfridges flagship store, the brand quickly created a buzz on social media networks. It wasn't long before G'nosh Gourmet Dips achieved national listing with Ocado and is listed in over 350 stores in less than a year.

For the G'nosh website, we wanted to create an interactive brand environment, giving the viewer the impression they are hovering over a table with delicious dips and ingredients laying on top of our hand rendered typography.

Within days of launching, our innovative one page design caused quite a stir on social networks which helped bring the fledgling product to a wide audience of interested foodies.

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