Oddsocks Jurys Inn

Oddsocks is the new restaurant and bar offering at Jurys Inn, Brighton. Designed by Mystery as a unique bar and kitchen that meets the needs of hotel guests and locals; corporate work crowds and weekend leisure-seekers.

An eclectic mix of convenience and quirkiness, comfort and charm, this eccentric, yet homely bar and eatery is just like a pair of odd socks!

Brand positioning

Oddsocks is designed to immerse the customer in a unique experience that combines the eccentricity of the surrounding Brighton area with the familiar comforts of home; brought to life through outstanding staff, a rustic F&B offer and a space that feels strangely familiar.

The key goal of the scheme was to create more dwell time within the F&B space, increase covers – and therefore turnover – and enhance the hotel’s overall offer by adding a distinctive concept to its portfolio.

Mystery designed the concept to create a sense of cosiness and belonging, delivering an aspirational space that feels both personal and quirky and that makes the customer want to stay just that little bit longer.

“When you're away, a little bit of home comfort is just as nice as the buzz you feel when you get to explore somewhere new.”

The brand concept has been centred around the idea of the ‘Strangely Familiar’. Every touch point has been designed to convey a cosy familiarity; from the spatial experience to the delivery of the food and drink, everything is blended with surprising and quirky elements for customers to discover at every visit.

Brand identity

The brand’s graphic language takes reference from a mixture of patterns found in the traditional seaside town; from fairground rides on the pier to sweet shops in 'The Lanes'. These patterns draw a parallel with classic sock designs – a nod to the brand’s name.

Many of the signage and structural elements in the concept are inspired by the brands core value of strangely familiar.

Massively oversized clothes pegs are used instead of generic A-boards and upturned table graphics on the walls double up as shelves. This juxtaposition of strange and familiar is key to brand’s identity and adds an interesting element of intrigue and humour to the normality of everyday life.

Interior design

It was certainly a challenge to create a standalone bar and restaurant scheme that delivers an informal, uncomplicated and unique dining experience, all in a space that caters to Jurys diverse customer base, but the use of familiar elements of home, together with detailed peculiarities ensure the customer, whether a regular or first time visitor, ensures the customer has a memorable experience each and every time they visit.

Opening up the existing space to allow a free flowing ‘all day’ offer from the outset was important. This provides a user-friendly environment, which ensures a home from home feel with cosy nooks and comfortable dining areas aplenty.

Sporadically scattered with fun and emotively quirky furniture, Oddsocks’ interior conveys a quality of energetic and memorable comfort. Stylised, charming artwork and a banded colour scheme give the warmth and welcome of home, coupled with orchestrated displays of authenticity and intrigue throughout.

Menu design and development

Alongside the usual suspects, Oddsocks serves a range of regional bottle beers, celebratory bubbles and cocktails and a surprisingly good selection of wines.

For those looking to celebrate, an assortment of crisp, fresh Prosecco cocktails has been devised, while customers looking to wind down can sample one of the range of coffees or whiskey cocktails.

Staff Uniforms

The uniforms have been designed to convey a casual and approachable feel, with playful elements, giving a glimpse of patterns and designs on the inside of cuffs and hems. The casual Oxford shirt and simple trousers, coupled with a rustic apron allows staff to feel comfortable, which projects onto their relaxed service style.

Every person in the team is encouraged to personalize their uniforms with brooches and bow ties as they please, in order to let their unique personalities shine through!  Of course it goes without saying that they should all be wearing odd socks!

PHOTOS: Marlon Bunday.

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