Revolitionising the way Londoners perceive plant-based food

Rawligion owner, ex-professional poker player John Tabatabai, approached Mystery to create the brand positioning, brand ID, graphics and interior of the first site of his new fast-casual restaurant concept.  John’s mission was to deliver ‘nutrient-dense food to improve the health and wellbeing of customers’.

Tabatabai is very passionate about creating only the highest quality drinks and dishes that also excite the senses. His vision was to create a new fast-casual restaurant specialising in plant-based food and to revolutionise the way busy Londoners eat and change existing perceptions of plant-based food.

Rawligion is inspired by the raw food trends of America’s East Coast. Using local, seasonal and organically grown fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, sprouts, seeds, sea vegetables and cold-pressed oils, all dishes are gluten free and do not include any animal products. Drinks include a range of smoothies, freshly-pressed juices and specialty milks.

Brand Positioning

The design concept for the interiors was based on honest raw materials to reflect the unprocessed, natural and fresh products available. We created an inviting environment that allows anyone to feel comfortable, while encouraging socialising; promoting a healthy lifestyle in an atmospheric oasis and providing a place to “relax”.

Brand ID

To compliment the interior and purity of product, we created a graphic feel that was sophisticated and simple, but still felt unique against the other mass market competitors.

The graphics for Rawligion are simple and sophisticated. The heart motif was created to give a little more femininity to the branding and convey the brand’s mission to improve the health and wellbeing of their customers. It’s reflective of the 'goodness' on offer, adding a feminine element that nicely counters the strong bold typography.

Taking onboard John's passion for spreading the good word about raw foods, Mystery developed a playful set of icons and a diagrammatic graphic wall that supports the product offer and adds a unique point of interest to the space.

A monochrome approach has been used in a similar way to the interiors colour scheme to add a level of sophistication and let the colour and freshness of the natural shine through.

Interior design

Inspiration for this scheme was based on honest raw materials, to reflect the unprocessed, natural and fresh products available.  We also wanted to create an inviting, environment to allow anyone to feel comfortable and encourage socialising and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Rawligion provides a tranquil escape from the busy pace of Tottenham Court Road.

The walls are adorned with vine leaves and interwoven with twigs to help guests feel at one with the world around them, but with the modern technology and convenience of USB chargers, available for customers to power up their phones and laptops.

One of the key hero features in the space is the Oji cold drip coffee maker which stands proud in the window and offers specialist coffee to the discerning customer.

The use of soft natural materials such as timber and hanging plants, combined with more sophisticated, darker, yet natural finishes, such as slate reflect the more serious side to the brand, while providing a neutral backdrop to contrast and show off the rich, vibrant colours of the juices. The interior scheme pared-back materials and contrasting colour pallet conveys a unique and premium look and feel, which stands out in comparison to its competitors.

Already a great success, Rawligion is destined to become a very popular destination for healthy food in the West End. 

"Mystery did a wonderful job of turning my idea into a wonderful reality. Visit Rawligion for proof of what magic they created!" John Tabatabai

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